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Penny Pinchers is the product of many dedicated employees and family members who are passionate about antiques, collectibles, and saving useable items from the landfill. Penny Pinchers is truly a community effort—together with our staff and family we have put in thousands of hours in the area of estate sales and estate dispersal to bring our services and retail shop to the region. On staff we have six full-time employees and several part-time helpers who love working together to help the store run smoothly. Our talented team is the backbone of our cause and the key to our success.

When Penny Pinchers first began we had no idea the influence our community would have on us. With so many supportive people involved, we have been able to donate many goods to those in need and delegate tasks to helpful hands. Mike picks up our recyclable electronics every week and helps with a local program that teaches young handicapped youth useful skills. Les picks up our blankets, coats, and other donated necessities and disperses them to the homeless. We also donate plants, bingo prizes, and other miscellaneous items to a local assisted living home to bring joy to the residents. Inspired by our network of altruistic individuals, we also launched a Random Acts of Kindness program, which we use to help those who have fallen through the cracks in the system. At Penny Pinchers, we love to give back. cropped-store-front.jpg


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