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From the Start: Celebrating Penny Pinchers 4th Anniversary

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   Wow how time flies!  This August marks Penny Pinchers Estate Clearance 4th year anniversary at our current location, 4894 Guide Meridian on the corner of Kelly Rd in Bellingham, Wa.  I am very pleased to say I have been here to witness the growth and transformation of this business first hand.

  When we first moved here four years ago Penny Pinchers staff consisted of Karen( the owner) and my self.  Once we found our new location we began to make a plan to move.  At the old store we had a huge liquidation auction and moved only our tools of the trade and the stores displays, which was still about eight trailer loads of stuff!

Between moving everything to the new location, cleaning up the overgrown landscape, and cleaning up the old store it took us less then a week to move.  Now to plan for our grand opening.

   Once we move all the displays and tools in, Karen and I sadly realized we would need a lot of inventory to fill up the 8,000 square feet we called the new store.  So Karen began buying and hasn't stopped yet!  Today we have absolutely no trouble filling the store, warehouse, and outside up with treasures.  Penny pinchers is always bursting at the seams as we add new inventory daily.

Penny Pinchers now employs six full time employees as well as part time helpers when needed.  Every few months we add new types of advertisement and selling outlets to the business as ways to expand.  This year alone Penny Pinchers launched it's own website, pennyestates.com, as well as using facebook and instagram to reach out to our customers keeping them updated with our weekly sales and new items.

  So happy anniversary Penny Pinchers!  I am excited to watch this business continue to thrive and expand.  Thank you to all our customers who make this all possible and thank you to our hardworking, dedicated staff who all work together to make this shop rock!  Go team, Go!  Here's to another year!


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