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Trash To Treasure

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   Being in this type of business means taking the good with the bad.  Some of our estate clean outs means going in and taking everything in a estate.   Yes we get many treasures that can be cleaned and added in to the store for sale right away, but we also take the good with the bad, such as broken furniture, wood scraps, lots of clothing/textile items, mattresses, unwanted appliances, garbage, broken cars, outdated electronics, lots of STUFF!  So what do we do with the STUFF that we can sell outright- Recycle and up-cycle!  At Penny Pinchers we pride our selves in reducing our carbon footprint on this plant  by reducing the amount of items that end up in the landfill.  We always try to find the treasure in the trash, one way or another.

    Broken furniture  that comes in is fixed or reclaimed to become a useful item again.  Dressers with sagging or sticky drawers are fixed, missing knobs are replaced, some are painted to give the piece a new look.  We do the same with chairs, tables, any type of furniture that looks like it has life left.

  Our outdated or broken electronics are donated to a program that helps special needs childern.  The electronics are used to help childern learn problem solving skills as they tear down unwanted electronics.  Then the parts are taken to be recycled.  

 At the Penny Pinchers Store location we recycle metal, electronic wires, glass, plastic, clothing, and textiles.  When we have items that are unable to be sold in the store like usable household items, we find people in the community who may have a use for them.  

      Here at Penny Pinchers we pride our selves in not only providing spectacular items for sale,  as well as making sure not to just dump off what we don't want for someone else to deal with.   Finding uses for unwanted items is so important in this day and age with so much STUFF in the world.  If you are interested in reducing your trash, contact your local disposal company in your area and ask about recycling programs offered in your town or city.   Want to give life or purpose to an old piece of furniture in your home, simply look on Pinterest for thousands of inspiring DIY project ideas.

 Most trash can be treasure!  Have a great day!



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